of course you look like that getting off a plane


Michelle: There’s in fact two dresses I wear corset-free. 

Phyllis: Do you?

Michelle: Yeah.

Phyllis: Oh no! You bitch!

Michelle: I try not to tell anyone that. 

“I have to deliver half my scenes to Michelle, who plays Mary, to her shoulder or above her head ‘cos she has to look at me just for a second and she’ll make me laugh.” - Jessica Brown-Findlay

“Myself and RJC[Rob James-Collier] are friends from when I joined the cast in the first series. We are never allowed to sit together at read throughs because apparently its not possible for us to stay quiet!” - Allen Leech

“We’re always giggling. Our unofficial theme tune on set was, “When you’re alone and life is making you lonely you can always go: Downton” - even Maggie joined in with it.” - Thomas Howes