MODERN DOWNTON AU → In which Mary is struggling to get through her final year of university, Matthew wings it (while keeping in touch with his mum), Tom skips class more often than he attends and fresher Sybil is enjoying her long-awaited freedom away from her parents.
MODERN DOWNTON AU → It’s Christmas Day and Matthew and Mary have their friends and family over. With Matthew in charge of making sure all mugs and glasses remain filled, the guests find themselves more occupied with getting the rules of charades right than with playing the actual game. Meanwhile Cora and Mary prepare dinner in the kitchen and Granny turns up fashionably late.
Series 3 of Downton Abbey premieres Sunday, September 16 on ITV. (x)
when detective chief inspector matthew crawley and detective sergeant tom branson are dispatched on a mission to recover documents proving lord grantham’s role in illegal drug trafficking, the first place they decide to look is downton abbey. the abbey, once home to lord grantham’s ancestors, now a museum specializing in egyptian exhibits, is run by lord grantham’s daughters mary and sybil. perfectly co-operative at the dawn of the investigation, the sisters swimmingly allow matthew and tom in on their lives, only to turn the game on them once they’re inside. it doesn’t take long for matthew and tom to figure out that in addition to a pair of beautiful heiresses with a passion for history and art, the sisters are highly skilled assassins trained by their father to keep the secret of the family business safe.
Laura Carmichael, Michelle Dockery and Jessica Brown-Findlay behind the scenes of their LOVE photoshoot (x)

MODERN AU DINNER SCENE | in which cora strives to get granny drunk, isobel isn’t sure what’s happening and the rest of the family tries to hide their amusement