MODERN DOWNTON AU → In which Mary is struggling to get through her final year of university, Matthew wings it (while keeping in touch with his mum), Tom skips class more often than he attends and fresher Sybil is enjoying her long-awaited freedom away from her parents.
can’t sleep thinking that he lies still
It’s funny, I feel as if I’m only half myself without him.
HOW DOWNTON ABBEY SHOULD END: It’s 1931. With the entail abolished by the Real Property Act of 1925, Matthew has managed to legitimize a will that appoints his and Mary’s daughter heiress to the estate. The legacy of what has always been her home now in her daughter’s hands and the country one step closer to gender equality, something her departed youngest sister passionately and admirably fought for as early as in her teens, Mary has accomplished the one thing in life she’s wished for most and she is, at last, utterly and perfectly happy.
MODERN DOWNTON AU → It’s Christmas Day and Matthew and Mary have their friends and family over. With Matthew in charge of making sure all mugs and glasses remain filled, the guests find themselves more occupied with getting the rules of charades right than with playing the actual game. Meanwhile Cora and Mary prepare dinner in the kitchen and Granny turns up fashionably late.
AU: DOWNTON ABBEY as a FILM NOIR → she was the reason for it, for all of it. her dark eyes were an infinite pool of possibilities and i eagerly took the plunge. no remorse found here. only the the rank smell of the bottom. alone in the metaphorical gutter with only one question souring the tip of my tongue. was she even real to begin with?
(written by sam ♥)